Architectural Photography: Christ Church Lutheran

@Behance recently featured my “4x5: Christ Church Lutheran - Color” portfolio in its Architectural Gallery (my 22nd portfolio feature).


For the past 40 years I have maintained an interest in this remarkable architecture, and five years ago, I served for a term on the Board of the Friends of Christ Church Lutheran. This church is a mid-century modern jewel, designed by Finnish architect, Eliel Saarinen. The Minneapolis firm of Hills, Gilbertson, Hayes, served as the local, associated architect.


The church, completed in 1951, is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood in South Minneapolis. Thanks to the continuous care and stewardship of its Lutheran church leaders and parishioners, it remains largely unmodified and true to Saarinen’s design at sixty-six years of age. Though in my opinion a well kept local secret, this structure enjoys National Landmark status, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


I first took an interest in this architecture in the 1970’s, having enjoyed a tour conducted by the Minneapolis Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Shortly thereafter I made two black and white photos of the exterior of the church, using my newly acquired 4"x5" Calumet wide-field view camera.


In 2005, some 30 years and several tours later, I undertook a photographic study of the church with friend and fellow enthusiast, Tom Dolan. We had the Pastor’s permission and encouragement, were given the keys to the building, and were allowed complete access at any time to complete our work.

This informal study was conducted, on and off, over nearly five year’s time. Tom used a small point and shoot camera and shot hundreds of “candids”. I used a 4"x5" Sinar F-1 view camera, and shot over a hundred sheets of film, both Kodak T-MAX 100, and Kodak Ektachrome. Sixteen of my 4"x5" color captures are included in this Behance portfolio.

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